Understanding Local Elections
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Understanding Local Elections

After I purchased a home and settled down in a city, I realized that my local elections mattered more than ever. In addition to dictating my property taxes and the overall health of our city roads, those elections might also determine the quality of the city website, irrigation system, and even our water rights for the year. Instead of simply ignoring the elections and focusing on my personal life, I started analyzing the local politics and reading up on the candidates. It took a lot of work, but eventually I felt comfortable with my choice of candidate. I want others to understand local elections, which is why this entire blog is about government and politics.

Understanding Local Elections

  • Three Career Paths for Those with an Interest in Politics

    18 November 2016

    A career in politics can be a great choice for individuals that have passionate feelings about public policy and a strong desire to help improve their country. Unfortunately, many people may not realize the wide range of careers that are available to those in this field. In order to help you better appreciate the opportunities that are available in politics, you should be mindful of these three career paths. Field Organizer

  • Three Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Run Your First Political Campaign

    14 January 2016

    When you have made the choice to run your very first political campaign, the experience can seem exciting at first. However, as time wears on, you will find that mounting a solid campaign can also be stressful and difficult. If you want to be victorious, you need to be able to focus on the right things and avoid mistakes that can derail your campaign. Here are some mistakes to stay away from if you want to win your race.

  • Do You Need To Conduct Opposition Research For Your Municipal Or County Race?

    14 December 2015

    You've decided to run for a local campaign position -- maybe you have always wanted to be mayor of your city or you feel like you could really help influence things for the better in your county. It's not enough to just put your name on the ballot and hope for the best; even for small political races, you need to put a lot of time, energy and finances into conducting a campaign.