Understanding Local Elections
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Understanding Local Elections

After I purchased a home and settled down in a city, I realized that my local elections mattered more than ever. In addition to dictating my property taxes and the overall health of our city roads, those elections might also determine the quality of the city website, irrigation system, and even our water rights for the year. Instead of simply ignoring the elections and focusing on my personal life, I started analyzing the local politics and reading up on the candidates. It took a lot of work, but eventually I felt comfortable with my choice of candidate. I want others to understand local elections, which is why this entire blog is about government and politics.

Understanding Local Elections

Notary Public And Your Business: What You Should Know

Brooke Payne

Most every business owner is familiar with the services of a notary public, especially considering their role in validating contract signatures and similar types of tasks. However, many business owners have overlooked the importance of having a notary public on their staff. Whether you hire someone who is already a notary public or you have an existing employee obtain their commission, here's a look at some of the things you should know about having a notary public on staff.

It Saves Your Company Time

One of the biggest benefits of having a notary public on your staff is the time savings that you'll recognize from not having to find and wait for a notary public every time your company closes a deal and needs contracts notarized. When you have a notary public on staff, you can simply have them present in the final contract signing meetings to handle the document and signature validation.

It Saves Your Company Money

Another great reason to have a notary public on your staff is the cost savings associated with it. When you have to bring in a notary public every time you finalize a contract, you'll have to pay for that service each time. When you do a lot of business, that cost can add up.

If you have someone on your staff who also serves as a notary, you will have someone already on your payroll in a full-time capacity who can then provide those notary services at no extra cost. Over time, and with a large volume of business, this can save your company substantially.

It Shouldn't Be The Owner

When it comes to choosing who on your staff will seek a notary public commission, it's important to remember that it shouldn't be you as the business owner. One of the requirements of a notary seal on a document is that the notary themselves don't have a financially vested interest in the business in question. Since you, as the owner, do have a financial interest in the business, you should have an employee obtain their commission to notarize your company's contracts.

It Can Help Your Customers

One decision you will have to make when you have a notary public on staff is whether or not you want to offer notary services to your customers. Offering these services to customers is a great way to build rapport, and it can even help you to expand your customer base, especially if you advertise publicly that you offer notary services. 

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